Armando, A Racing Pigeon, Sells For $1.4 Million At Auction


During an auction managed by a Belgium-based pigeon racing website, a bidder paid $1.4 million for the best racing pigeon in the world, Armando. This was after an intense bidding war between two Chinese buyers who wanted to buy Armando at any cost.

Before the highest bidder offered $1.4 million to purchase Armando, the bid went as high as $603,000. Armando broke the most expensive pigeon record which was $427,000 according to PIPA. Armando is the best long distance racing pigeon in Belgium’s history and the history of the world. The bird has been nicknamed the Lewis Hamilton of pigeons.

Armando isn’t the only star in his family. About seven of his offspring were sold during the auction along with him in a group of 178 pigeons. The total for Armando and his seven offspring was about $2.7 million. This is the third highest amount to ever be used to purchase a family of pigeons.

Armando was groomed for by his Joël Verschoot who said that he spends 12 hours a day caring for Armando and other pigeons in his possession. In his words:
“This is the icing on the cake. The crowning glory for all that effort and years dedicated to pigeon sports.”

A PIPA representative Jiangming Liu said that he knew Armando will be expensive but he never expected it to be this high. In his words:

“I knew Armando will cost a lot of money but I never expected that the final bid will be up to one million dollars. We are all surprised.”

The auction sale of Armando has been trending on the internet since the deal was sealed. It’s going to be difficult for another racing pigeon to beat Armando’s record anytime soon.

DERA Iliagu

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