Chicago Elects Lori Lightfoot as First LGBT and Black Female Mayor in the City


On Tuesday voters in Chicago elected Lori Lightfoot who is 56 years as their first LGBT female mayor.

The move made Chicago be the largest city to elect an African American woman as their mayor. The win by Lori who identifies herself as a lesbian and will be the first woman of color to serve as mayor in Chicago, also means that the city will be the first to openly elect a gay mayor.

Lightfoot made a lovely speech saying that the city had something new and that the young generation is watching the beginning of something a bit different.

She also said the city is being reborn and that people will see a city which doesn’t care what color you are, whom you love as long as you love.

Lightfoot has never held office before, but she easily beat Preckwinkle who is a prominent politician in Chicago. Lori defeated Preckwinkle in all the city’s 50 wards.

Chicago has had a vast history about the African American population but only 2 out of the city’s 55 mayors have been black.
Harold Washington who was mayor from 1983 to 1987 and Eugene Sawyer who was mayor from 187 to 1989.

Jane Beryne is the only woman who has held the mayor’s office from 1979 to 1983.

Lori Lightfoot will succeed Rahm Emanuel as mayor. Rahm announced in September that he would not be vying for the third term in office.

DERA Iliagu

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