Cory Booker Gets a Speaking Spot at the LGBT Dinner


Cory Booker will be speaking at a major dinner for the LGBT community today. This will be a great move which will give him an opportunity to woo the gay community which is comprised of politically active people. The New Jersey senator who will be vying for the presidency in 2020 was referred to as a pro-equality champion by the human rights campaign.

Just like with other democratic parties the gay community is also taking their time in deciding who among the people interested in running for the white house stands a better chance of throwing out President Trump.

The HRC foundation, gays, transgender, bisexual, and queer civil rights organization will host a forum for all the presidential candidates this coming fall.

Today’s dinner which will be held in the city of Los Angeles is expected to attract around 1000 active supporters and members. Celebrities who will be present at the dinner include Christina Aguilera whose revered by the group.

The activism was propelled by the many numbers of LGBT candidates who won office in the 2018 elections. In many occasions, Booker has sided with HRC in some of the most critical issues. Some of the issues include not supporting non-discrimination in legislation according to the HRC organization.

Senator Booker also spoke in gala dinners in the years 2013, 2014 and 2015. Human Rights Community president Chad Griffin stated that Booker has consistently demonstrated a lot of commitment to the LGBT community and that they are honored to welcome him to one of their most vital events of the year.

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