Facebook Bans White Nationalism from its Platform

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In a move aimed to ensure that there is peaceful engagement on the platform, Facebook has announced that it has made a decision to ban any activities about white nationalism. This comes barely two weeks after a White Supremacist attacked Muslims in a Mosque in New Zealand while streaming on the website. There was a need to ensure that the activities that were taking place on Facebook were being regulated and White Supremacist is one of them.

Facebook stated that although it had earlier banned the hateful treatment of people based on their race, it had failed to take into consideration White Nationalism. However, after having a conversation with more than 20 civil right groups, the company has decided that it was right to ensure that the groups were stopped.

Kristen Clarke who us the group’s president and executive director noted that Facebook had a lot of work to get where it was but also a lot of work was ahead of them. White Supremacists had abused the platform for a long time and it was time that measures were undertaken in order to control the group’s activities.

New Zealand’s attack triggered the need by Facebook to ensure that it got wind of suspicious activities and blocked them. This is one of the many steps that the company is taking to ensure that the platform is not being misused. Facebook had earlier announced plans to detect and stooping fake news.

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