Hackers Divert $500,00 Out of Tallahassee’s Employee Account


About half a million dollars were diverted out of Tallahassee’s employee account by hackers this week. The city’s officials said that hackers tried hacking their systems every day, but Wednesday cyberattack netted the hackers about half a million dollars.

The city’s spokesman Alison Farris said that all the employees had been paid and that they were looking deep into the matter to find out the root cause of the problem.

In an email, Farris said that the attack was probably initiated outside of the US. The third party vendor who hosts the city’s payroll was hacked, and the direct deposits payroll was redirected.

The city is working together with the bank, and they have managed to recover almost 25% of the missing funds. It has also contacted its insurance company and the law enforcement to deal with the criminals.

Officials came to learn about the security breach after the bank reached out to them and when the employees discovered that they had not yet been paid. This is not the first time the city’s security system has tried to be compromised.

Last month there was a dropbox link that was sent out from the email account of Reese Goad who is the city manager. The phishing email comes from outside of the company.

Also, it is not yet clear the number of people to whom the email was sent. Officials said that there were no impacts even after the emails were sent.

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