Howard Schultz Building Tech Team Possibly For The Launch Presidential Campaign


Former CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz recently hired ex-head of Analytics for Facebook and Instagram, Mike Devlin, and has posted about nine new job openings, mainly for tech-related roles. Whether these roles are for his campaign team or not is still unclear as he could be building a team for his book tour, website or something else entirely. The job posting does not hint at a politics but is outlined in business terms.

Among the openings posted, roles include Senior front end engineer, Marketing Operations Manager, Senior Front End Engineer, BI Developer Analyst and IT specialist. Some of the positions, along with Mike Devlin’s, will probably have higher stakes than others.

Some roles like the Media Analyst involve long hours and lots of coffee, like the job post, reads, “The hours will be long, the caffeine will be plentiful, and public transportation is provided. If this sounds like your cup of joe, we encourage you to submit your resume today.”

And some others involve skills in some preferred technologies like the role of Senior Front End Engineer for which candidates will be required to be familiar with Javascript, Node.js, React, GraphQL, Redux, Serverless on AWS and Gatsby.

The role of Social Media Community Manager is an example of these high-stakes positions as Schultz recently had to publicly “take back” an overstatement he made about the amount of time he spent with the military in relation to other candidates, two of whom actually spent more time than he did.

Mike Devlin may also be working on Schultz political campaign as he said on his LinkedIn profile that he is currently trying to bring the democratic approach used for data analytics to the political system.

Schultz, on a separate note, is under criticism from Democrats because of his desire to run as an independent. They say he could siphon votes the democratic nominee increasing Trump’s chances for re-election.

DERA Iliagu

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