Jim Carrey Feuds with Benito’s Granddaughter Over His Drawing

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Alessandra Mussolini is not happy at all with Jim Carrey. Allessandra who is the granddaughter of Benito posted a comment on Sunday calling Jim a bastard over his latest drawing. The drawing contains Benito and his lover Claretta Petacci dangling down after their execution.

The drawing had a caption “if you are pondering what fascism lead to you can ask Benito and his paramour. During the 1920s Benito Mussolini formed a dictatorship in Italy, and he worked together with Hitler till he was removed from ruling in the year 1943.

The drawing Jim made is based on the execution of Benito and Claretta execution in 1945, and Some people applauded Jims drawing with comments saying that Allessandra was confusing Jim with her murderous grandfather.

Mussolini was not done with Jim, and she even gave him suggestions from past historical moments which he might want to tackle next. Some of the historical moments Allessandra was referring to include a portrait of a slave being whipped and a cloud of mushroom. Mussolini has had several controversial moments.

She is a member of the European Parliament for central Italy. At one time she responded to criticism from a transgender, and she responded with a gay slur. Carrey has not replied to Allessandra tweet on twitter, but he is not a stranger when it comes to stirring the water.

Jim has released various illustrations on everyone in high school who was accused of aggression against a Native American elder. He has also released drawing on various political figures such as president Donald Trump and Sen Ted Cruz of Texas.

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