Kathie Lee Gifford’s Talks About Loneliness After the Death of Her Husband and Mother

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Kathie Lee talks about the pain and loneliness of losing her husband and mother within two years.

Kelly’s husband who was an NPL play come commentator Frank Gifford passed on in August 2015. Her mother died two years later after the death of her husband.

During an interview with the AARP Kathie talked about being lonely since she was living all by herself. Her children who are 25 and 29 years moved out from their family home which was located on Long Island.

In an interview, Gifford who is 65 years said that as a widow you get to face a lot of things especially after losing a spouse. She also said that after losing her husband it now dawned on her that she was now a widow and an orphan since she had lost her mother and she was more of an empty nester.

She added and said that if you are not careful about what you are going through the things which you have lost in life can define you. Kathie said that it is much better to be defined by the things which you still have than the things you don’t have. She is also making significant changes in her life which are feeding her soul. If you do not make changes in your life loneliness and despair can become part and parcel of your life.

Kathie also added that a person needed to create new beautiful memories or else the old ones would kill you.

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