Lori Allen “Say Yes to the Dress” Star Trips On a Wedding Gown and Breaks Her Wrists

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“Say Yes to the Dress” Atlanta star trips on a gown and breaks both her wrists.

Lori is set to undergo a surgery today to repair both her wrist after having a nasty fall while filming season 11 of the reality show.

Allen who is the owner of the bridals by Lori who is featured in the TLC series had a severe fall after tripping on a wedding gown yesterday.

Allen’s family wrote on her Instagram page that Lori is a tremendous amount of work and that she had other injuries on her right arm. They went ahead to say that Lori is an immobile woman which doesn’t t help much as she is an active woman.

Allen’s family also said that Lori is being treated at a hospital in Atlanta after the fall and that they are thankful she did not break her neck but it sore. Lori`s fall could have been worse, her family said. She is a fighter, and she will emerge a fighter just like she did in 2013 after she conquered breast cancer.

Lori has starred on “Say Yes to the Dress” since the series premiered in TLC IN June 2010. Bridals by Lori is said to be the biggest full-service bridal salon nationwide. Lori “is featured on “Say Yes to the Dress alongside fashion designer Monte Durham who sought for help quickly after Allen tripped.

Allen’s family told her fans and viewers to keep her in prayers and that they will update her progress after the post-surgery.

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