Musician Marc McGrath Reveals That He Is Going Deaf

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Mark McGrath who is sugar rays frontman has revealed some health updates which have complicated his role as a musician.

During an interview with DailymailTV at a show in Bellagio, Las Vegas the 51 years old rock star revealed that years of going on tours have damaged his capability of hearing and that he does not like using hearing aids.

McGrath said that he is Deaf now and he can’t hear after he struggled to hear a question during the interview. He went ahead to say that the process is scaring as most of his job includes listening.

The musician said that the new generation is lucky since there are in ears to help them with hearing. However, he doesn’t like using hearing aids.

McGrath who has several tour dates which are scheduled in November said that he relates the changes in his body due to his age. He joked that living a rock and roll lifestyle is not ideal for aging gracefully.

Mark said that when he got into the music, he thought he would not have to worry about health, business. He only wanted to party as he was in a band. McGrath says that it’s because of the grace of God that they became a band and even started operating a multi-million organizations.

He compared his situation to that one of Huey Lewis who is 68 years old, who canceled all his scheduled concerts after being detected with Meniere`s disease a hearing disorder which made him unable to hear music well making it impossible for him to sing well.

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