President Trump Says That His Father Was Born in Germany

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On Tuesday President Donald Trump falsely said that his father was born in Germany.

That was the fourth time the president has made such remarks in less than a year. The issue came up during an event in the white house on Tuesday when trump was discussing that NATO and Germany needed to pay much more as part of the alliance.

The president was addressing the issues with NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg. There were tensions during the meeting due to trumps attacks on the coalition.

Trump also claimed that some of the countries did not contribute enough to mutual defense. The president went ahead and said that Germany was not paying enough share to the alliance. He said that he had great respect for Germany and Angela.

The president said that his father is German and was born in Germany and that he had a great feeling about the country.

However, Fred Trump was not born in Germany. He was born in the Bronx in the year 1905. Trump’s grandparents however were both born in Europe, and later they relocated to the US.

According to various sources that were the fourth time the president has falsely stated that his dad was born in Germany, a topic which he has raised when talking about relations and trade affairs with Europe.

The president echoed the false remarks again on CBS saying that we should not forget that both of his parents were born in the EU sectors.

He added that his mother was from Scotland and his father from Germany and he loved the said countries.

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