Private Facebook Records exposed to public on Amazon Cloud Servers

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It has been revealed that many records of Facebook users were exposed to the public through Amazon Servers. According to a report that was recently released by UpGuard a cybersecurity firm, noted that two third-party Facebook developers had allowed the public to access and download individual data from Amazon Servers. One of the companies that had 146 GB of data which ranged from comments, likes to account names accessible according to the cybersecurity firm.

Facebook noted that although it has strict laws on how data from the platform should be secured, it had no control on how Third Party developers store information from their platform after the users have allowed for it. However, a Facebook spokesman stated that after they got wind of the issue, they were able to work with Amazon to ensure that the data was brought down. He also noted that they were willing to work with developers in order to ensure that Facebook users’ data was protected.

However, the new developments may not work to the benefit of Facebook as the company has been undergoing a myriad of scandals in the last year. Politicians have been up in arms of the companies’ private data policy and the US Federal Trade Commission has been noted to state that it is looking at the company to apply fines if any cases of a data breach are noted. The United Kingdom fined the company a total of £500000 fine the maximum possible fine.

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