Snapchat Introduces a New Gaming Platform

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Snapchat is a messaging app which is very popular with young users. However, it has been struggling to make profits since its creation in 2011. Luckily Snapchat hopes that it has found an answer to the stagnant growth of its audience.

On Thursday the company announced that it was launching a new gaming platform known as snap games.

Young users will be able to play games directly from the chat window. The primary goal of the game is to give users a gaming experience with friends without necessary having to log out of Snapchat or download an app for playing the games.

The company will introduce six new games, and they will be released for the public in the following coming weeks.

Snap is also the creator of Bitmoji Party where users or friends get to play games as animated characters of themselves through the Bitmoji. Snapchats director Will Wu introduced the Bitmoji Party at a partner event in Hollywood.

There are about four games in the Bitmoji Part including Zombie escape, kick off, pool party and spin session. Popular publishers like PikPok, Game Closure, Spry Fox, Zynga, and Zeptolab also created games that entail shoot ups, puzzles, and adventures.

The partner games are also not expected to be rolled out for a couple of weeks. Bernard Kim who is the publishing director of Zynga said that Snapchat`s move to launch a gaming platform is great because Snapchat users are already making use of the gaming platform.

He also said that users do not have to go anywhere when they want to play games since snap already offers that gaming experience.

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