UFC Champion Conor McGregor announces his retirement in early tweet


McGregor who is one of the most successful martial arts names announced his retirement early on Tuesday.

He has been a UFC champion in two weight classes and has been able to pull up a large class due to his marketability. This comes hours just after he stated that he was on negotiation on a fight that was o take place in April. Connor McGregor has been at the center of controversy recently whereby he lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC. The fight was marred with post- about chaos after both fighters and their entourages were engaged in a scuffle leading to the suspension of Nurmagomeov for nine months and 6 Months for McGregor by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Sports Commentators commenting on his announcement stated that this was a right move to make due to his account balance. The athlete has been banking huge sums of money from his performances and his Whiskey has been gaining traction in the market despite awful reviews. McGregor was also earlier this month involved in criminal mischief which was termed as criminal felonies by the police for taking a man’s cell phone outside Fontainebleau Hotel

This is not the 30-year-old fighter has announced his retirement on Twitter. April 2016 he also announced his early retirement before coming back from retirement 2 days later booking a fight with Diaz at UFC 202 where he won.

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