War Between Tech Giants Apple And Spotify Continue Following Spotify’s Complaint Against Apple

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Tech giants, Apple and Spotify have been in an all-out war for some time now. In fact, Spotify filled a complaint against Apple which was forwarded to the European Commission. The Commission confirmed that it had received the letter a few days ago and is working on what to do next.

Yesterday, Spotify referred to Apple as a monopolistic establishment stating that Apple’s response to the lawsuit wasn’t surprising. The complaint filed by Spotify stated that Apple’s alleged unfair practices should be curbed. According to the letter, Apple offered users a 30% cut on subscription charges. Shopify said that the charges gave Apple Music an advantage over other music app developers. The company also complained about the technical restrictions set by Apple and the fact that it cannot match the new price.

In response to the complaint, Apple said that Spotify was trying to enjoy the benefits of free apps without being free. The tech giant insisted that the 30% cut was a small incentive to get users to sign up and it would be reduced to 15% after a year, a point Spotify left out in its letter.

As reported by Variety, Spotify responded to Apple stating that it is not surprised by the company’s response. Part of the statement was as follows:

“It’s not unusual to see monopolists who claim that their actions are in the best interests of all their customers and competitors. The new policy hurts customers because Apple is has failed to see that Spotify users who own iOS devices are Spotify customers and not Apple customers. This is the center of Apple’s problem.”

For now, it is not clear how the European Commission will respond to the issue. They may either agree with Spotify about Apple’s alleged unfair business practices or dismiss the complaint altogether.

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